The Comprehensive Compilation

Like I said, I’ll be releasing all of my songs.  Those played at shows, those not played at shows, those I thought were not yet ready for the public… yeap, hope you enjoy some of them!


In Transit

My oh my, it has been quite a journey has it not?  These past two years have brought upon some amazing memories that I will keep for a while.  Thought I suppose my one wish would be being able to chat more with some of the people that I’ve met.  For example, the Nosaj Thing and Daedelus show, I had to leave early to catch a dance practice for our senior class talent show presentation.  Or when I played with Teebs and Mono/Poly, I had to leave early for my friend’s birthday dinner.  I don’t regret my decisions, I just suppose I had a little more time to pick their brains and ask them how they got to where they were.

The stories that every individual holds, their experiences, their tragedies, their triumphs, all these things are so intriguing to me.  Everyone has a different story about where they came from, and how they came to be, it’s absolutely fascinating.  I wish I could ask every person I met for their story.

So I suppose at this point in time, my journey with live music has come to a… pause?  At this juncture, I feel more inclined to focus on production and business, and working with real instruments as well as working with singers and rappers.  So, as a parting gift from me to you, I will be steadily releasing all of my songs, released and unreleased over these next couple months.

Peace all.

Room E’s New Single: Polar Bear + Alpha Method Remix [FREE DOWNLOAD]

So my buddy Room E just dropped his new single “Polar Bear” on bandcamp it is quite dope.  Check it out here:

The 3rd track is my remix.  Show some love and pass this album around the internets if you can.

In other news, check out this WICKED video:


FREE THE ROBOTS Show + Album Release Party w/ TAKE

Just got back from the Free The Robots performance @ Kava.  It was an honor to open for him to say the least.  Definitely got inspired to a whole new level tonight.  It was also good to see some friends come out, including Dora whom I didn’t expect to see come out!

Also, I just uploaded a bunch of photos from my album release party a couple weeks back!  Here’s a couple samples.  See all of them here on my facebook page.

^ HOLY CRAP yes that is me with TAKE aka Sweatson Klank.  Also, big shout out again to FIELD GEMS PHOTOGRAPHY for taking these amazing photos!  Be sure to like her facebook page.  Alright, seems like its about bed time for me.  Goodnight!  I promise a free download soon so stay tuned.